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Our technology permits a series of ecological problems linked to air pollution and pollution of the environment

We are focused on developing electrolysis based gas generators and their integration into systems for industrial and domestic use for different purposes.

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Reduce energy consumption & bring real value to our partners.

NEW Energy Corpration Ltd. It is an engineering company, established to develop and implement energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies.

The company is focused on developing of electrolysis based gas generators and their integration into industrial and domestic systems with various applications. The company has its own research and manufacturing facilities, laboratories and equipment.

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Combustion processes

Oxyhydrogen gas mixed with primary fuel. This mixture increase the engine efficiency, respectively lower the basic fuel consumption, reduce harmful emissions and keep the engines clean.

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Metal processing

Especially popular are cutting applications of different types of metals, using oxyhydrogen gas, instead of oxygen (which is basically used for this processes), mixed with other known gases for cutting of metals in production or recycling industry. The gas is “produced” “on site” and by demand only! Eliminates local storage of oxygen gas and related special permissions.

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Heat technique

The company owns a license for developing and using of international patent (status pending) in field of heating technologies, allowing the use of clean oxyhydrogen gas (without mixing with other fuels by burning) for the production of heating energy for domestic needs and industrial needs.

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Incineration technologies

Our company is developing new technology innovation, which can solve most of the problems, related to the harmful exhaust gasses, generated during the incineration processes. Integrating our unique device, we implement new kind of burning technology in the combustion processes in the primary and secondary combustion chamber of the incinerator. This solve most of the problems, related to the harmful exhaust gasses: elimination of dioxins and flue gasses, final filtration and elimination of the rest, harmful exhaust gases. Our technology is suitable for any type of incinerator, creating, after implementation, a 100% clean device.

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Oxyhydrogen Development & Implementation in the Inceneration Process
Oxyhydrogen Development & Implementation in the Heating Systems
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